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Good Mood Food is a private, family-owned company based in Kidlington, Oxfordshire and is part of Catering by Simon Ltd.
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Who we are:

Simon and Julie Winters, the company’s founders and directors, have 4 children of their own so know how important nutrition and healthy eating is from a young age.

Simon is a qualified Chef with over 25 years’ experience and leads his kitchen in all manner of catering.

The kitchen in Kidlington is just over 5 years old and our levels of cleanliness and hygiene have and always will be set to the highest possible standards achievable in a commercial kitchen.

As a company are very proud to have been awarded a 5* rating for 10 consecutive years’ in all aspects of the business.


Good Mood Food caters for nurseries, pre-school, primary and secondary schools and we strongly believe that all children should have the opportunity from a young age to eat a nutritionally balanced diet that allows for variety but is also healthy.

As a catering company it is our role to bestow these morals by creating a menu that encourages children to try new foods and to eat more healthily.

You will always have a direct line to the company Directors who can answer any queries or deal with any concerns immediately. It is our pledge to provide a very attentive and personal service to our valued clients at every level.

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Simon has over 15 years’ experience designing menus and Good Mood Foods menus are well received by young children with them being varied also encouraging young children to try ‘new foods’ while also packing in maximum nutrition and flavour.

The menus are created using governments early years guidelines.

The meals are designed to have a home-cooked feel about them so there are no gimmicks, they are not complex, just simple cooking using fresh, wholesome ingredients.

The best ingredients

We only use free-range eggs, Red Tractor meats, natural yoghurt and sustainably sourced fish (MSC) in our meals.

Where possible we source our ingredients locally and support local independent fruiterers and butchers.

Salt is never added to our meals and most of our puddings are fruit-based.

A salad bar and fresh fruit is available every lunchtime (when required)

All dietary requirements can be catered for, please do let us know of any allergens we need to be aware of. Please read our special diets and FAQ information.

Popular lunchtime options include:
Mild Chicken, Coconut and Spinach Curry
Macaroni & Cauliflower Cheese
Fish and Leek Crumble
Beef Lasagne
Mediterranean Vegetable and Tomato Bake

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Special Diets

As a catering company, we do our very best to cater for children with all different types of allergies and are able to cater for most children comfortably by substituting, where possible, with suitable ingredients. However, we do have limitations and would ask you to take the time to read through the below:

As a company, we do not cook with nuts so we are as nut free as we could possibly be. However, we cannot guarantee that the ingredients we receive from our local suppliers are from a nut free factory. We would still need to be notified if your child has a nut allergy. Apart from nuts, our kitchens are not completely allergen free and therefore parents must be aware of the limitations we have when offering an alternative meal.

These are as follows;

The preparation area for allergen free meals is cleaned thoroughly and all allergens are kept separate before making the alternative meal, however Good Mood Food cannot guarantee that there will be no cross contamination as there will, potentially, be allergen food in the same kitchen at all times.

We cannot accept responsibility for airborne allergens as our kitchens are not completely allergen free.

Good Mood Food cannot be held responsible for your child sitting next to another person with a meal that is not allergen free.

Good Mood Food will do their utmost to ensure your child is given an allergen free meal but cannot be responsible if your child eats from another child’s plate or is given food from a non-Good Mood Food employee that is not allergen-free.

Please feel free to contact us directly by email on:

Or give us a call on: 01865 703704 to talk through any concerns about your child’s allergy.
In short, you can trust Good Mood Food for your catering needs.

— Healthy, Exciting, Hand Made —

Why Choose Us?

At Good Mood Food we strongly believe that all children should have the opportunity from a young age to eat a nutritionally balanced diet that allows for variety but is also healthy.

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As a catering company it is our role to bestow these morals by creating a menu that encourages children to try new foods and to eat more healthily.

Our menus follow guidelines set out by local authorities. To meet the criteria we have to ensure our menus promote healthy eating and are prepared and cooked using healthy cooking methods including reducing the salt and sugar.


• All fresh fruit and vegetable are delivered daily from a local supplier
• All our meat comes from a local butcher and we have full traceability
• Our sausages contain a minimum of 80% meat
• Yoghurts are low in fat
• All bread is wholemeal or 50/50
• All our eggs are from a local farm, are free range and carry the British red lion quality logo.
• All our fish are sourced from fisheries that carry MSC certification ensuring they are from a sustainable fishery.
• Extra vegetables are added to our dishes (where applicable) to increase the nutrient content.
• Extra fruit is added to our desserts to increase the nutrient content.


Q: How many school meals can I order for my child a week?

A: We offer an option of ordering anywhere between 1 and 5 meals per week on any day you choose.o.

Q: What do I do if I need to cancel a meal for my child?

A: If your child no longer requires a meal, please inform us as soon as possible so we can avoid waste.

Q: Can I decide at any time during the school year whether my child will have school meals?

A: Yes, all you need to do is inform us and complete one of our menu ordering forms.

Q: How often will the menu change?

A: Three times a school year, Autumn Term, Spring Term and Summer Term. If you require meals during the summer holiday please ask as we produce a separate menu for these times.

Q: What is the deadline for ordering?

A: Every school have different requirements and you will be given cut-off times for ordering within an initial information pack.

Q: What happens if I miss the deadline for ordering?

A: That’s not a problem, However without your child’s form we cannot guarantee your child’s preferred menu choice. We will endeavor to give them a meal but we cannot guarantee their preferred menu option until the form is returned.

Q: My child has made their menu choices but they would like to change their option/options. Is this possible?

A: Yes of course, we would like all children to enjoy their lunchtime meal. All you need to do is email their new choices and we will make changes accordingly.

Q: What happens if my child has dietary requirements / allergies etc?

A: All you need to do is email the kitchen with your child’s name and all of their allergies /requirements etc and where possible a substitute item will be used to create your child’s meal. Where there isn’t a suitable substitute, you will be informed via email of the menu change to accommodate their dietary requirement / allergy.

Q: Can I discuss my child’s allergy before ordering school lunches?

A: Yes, if you would like to discuss your child’s allergy in more detail then please email us at: or give us a call on: 01865 703704

Q: How many school meals can I order for my child a week

A. We offer an option of ordering anywhere between 1 and 5 meals per week on any days you choose.

Contact Us:

We understand that school heads, owners and managers considering using a new caterer will have a lot of questions about the service and comparable costs.
Similarly, parents will quite rightly be seeking reassurance about the quality and safety of their children’s’ meals.


We would love to have the opportunity to visit your setting or set up a zoom call to discuss your options in more detail. Even if you’d just like to find out more about the company and sample a selection of meals.

Of course, all our tastings are completely obligation-free. You can trust Good Mood Food to take care of all your catering requirements!

If you would like to arrange a visit or zoom call, please contact us by either of the following:

Call us on: 01865 703704